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The mother or mather or mom in English will be the main subject of the following reading in English, which is recommended for those people who have a basic level of the English language and for those who need to exercise their pronunciation, their comprehension and their ears in front of the English dialect.

All over the world, even in English-speaking countries, there is a belief that dogs are man’s best friend, being the favorite to be part of a family or a single person’s pet.

There is a propulsion vehicle with only 2 wheels that were very popular in our childhood and are currently widely used in the most modern cities in the world, both to reduce pollution or to reduce road congestion. The means of transportation we are talking about is the bicycle.

Seafood or seafood as it is known is generally delicious, nutritious and very popular in countries that have a strong fishing culture and among these are the English speaking countries.

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Well, I also found out about your blog through the article in El País and I’m very happy that you got your 10 minutes of fame and I think that doing it justice it will be much more than just 10 minutes.I hope soon you will have more podcasts published to complement what one can learn in your blog.Congratulations and I’m already recommending it to my friends.Greetings from Mexico City.

José Juan: Thanks for the comment. I intend to do many more podcasts. It’s all a matter of time. Now I’m on vacation and I have no way to record. Best regards. Sebastián: Great that you find it useful. That’s exactly what I want. Greetings.

Hello, my question is regarding pronunciation: How can I differentiate between: «your» (tu, tuyo) to you’re (tu estas, tu eres), I know that only in brackets you give approximate pronunciations, but I hope you can help me in some way, thanks, Estefania.

Hello Monica, greetings from Peru, first congratulate you for the great blog that you put on the net, I find it very didactic and even better the fact of complementing the classes with the possibility of listening to them. I am a graduate of the university and I would like to pursue a master’s degree outside my country and one of the essential requirements is to take an exam in English, which is why I am preparing myself personally since I do not have the possibility of attending a private center because at the moment I am working and preparing my thesis, you can imagine I have very little time. I wanted to know if you can make available the spoken class, maybe hang them somewhere, so I can access it, and so I can listen to them, of course after a reading and thus complement my learning. it would be very helpful because I could listen to them in my spare time with the mp3, I would appreciate it very much, well that’s all, good luck and keep it up.

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Welcome to the What’s up blog! In our academies, we believe that the secret to learn more and better English is very simple: practice, practice, practice! And to help you with your learning, in this blog we offer you daily articles about this language.

As you can see, you have at your fingertips a lot of content to keep improving your English, but that’s not all! At What’s up! we have also put at your disposal a lot of free downloadable guides, so that you can go deeper into the topics that interest you the most. You can access them in the What’s up! resource center.


I am talking about getting a certification that says you are C1 either from Cambridge (CAE), from the EOI (official language school) or from any other institution. In this case we are talking about passing a specific exam in which you will be evaluated in a series of skills: Use of English, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.    To achieve this level it is clear that you have to study with the mock exams and textbooks of the specific exam, practice model exercises as much as possible and pass the exam.

This is because all exams to certify a level give equal importance to each skill. Therefore, if you get a good score in Use of English and Reading for example, you can pass with a low Speaking and a low listening.

As a teacher myself, I have had students with C1 certification in my classes who could barely speak. How do you explain this? Because you can learn a «made speech» practicing with pictures and other material that will help you to pass the Speaking.

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