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Not to be trusted. The high performance experienced against the big teams and the total lack of intensity when the enemy is equal or inferior, reveals that Mallorca has taken a liking to destroying pools or, more likely, to motivate and demotivate depending on the opponent. If true, we would have to question Laudrup’s authority in the dressing room, without leaving aside his share of responsibility if we analyze some of his decisions in the course of matches like last Sunday’s, among others. It is not only the players who relax or are overpowered in certain situations.

While some comment that it is the veterans who have to pull the cart, as in fact do Aouate, Nunes, Ramis, Martí or Webó, others continue to wonder if the necessary incorporation of the youth team to the first team has been properly managed. The impression we are left with is that Kevin, Pina, Tejera and Enrich, since Nsue and Pereira have acquired another status, do not receive their call-up to the first team as a prize, but rather understand their circumstantial line-up with Mallorca B as a tacit punishment. Crass mistake, fed by the Dane since he gave them rest to all intents and purposes in a break in the calendar that did not affect the reserve team. And these, who should have to eat grass even in training, are as accommodating as anyone at the slightest opportunity. Irregularity is the result of a certain and unjustified arrogance, but also of permissiveness.

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The novel Los ríos profundos (1958) by Peruvian writer José María Arguedas describes the coming-of-age process of Ernesto, a lonely boy who must choose a personal path among the conflicting elements that make up his mestizo culture. These magical and religious elements guide the protagonist in a mystical initiation through a space divided between the regenerating purity of Andean nature and the perverted promiscuity of the boarding school in Abancay. The initiation will reach its end when Ernesto links his spiritual vision of the world with political and social thought.

1This paragraph from chapter VIII of Los ríos profundos by José María Arguedas (1911-1969) suggests that the novel participates in the marvelous real -miraculous epiphany rooted in the authentic mestizo culture of America- as defined by Alejo Carpentier in the prologue to Reino de este mundo (1949). Hence, it seems appropriate to study the role of religion in the Peruvian writer’s novel, since this perspective will help us to see how the great originality of the text, sustained by an emotional and mystical involvement of the narrator, does not exclude an insertion in the literary conventions of the time.

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The Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River in the state of Arizona, USA. Typical example of a box meander, formed when the meander in a meandering river rises progressively, sinking gradually into the terrain so that it retains approximately the original layout. The boxed meanders are generally located in plateau regions.

Rivers are part of the hydrological cycle. Water generally accumulates in a river from precipitation through a watershed from surface runoff and other sources such as groundwater recharge, springs, and the release of water stored in natural ice and snowpack.

Generally, in the middle course of a river, some of the areas or zones where the river erodes and where it deposits part of its sediments usually alternate, which is mainly due to slope fluctuations and the influence they receive with respect to the flow and sediments of its tributaries. Along the middle course, the cross section of the river will usually become smoother, taking the form of a sectioned basin instead of the V-shape that prevails in the upper course.

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