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Search:CompanyModify data. UnsubscribeInformation provided by Information provided by Address:CALLE ARQUITECTE GAUDI, 2 – 4Locality:ARTESProvince:BARCELONATelephone:938306763Other Telephone:938202193CNAE: 8552 – Cultural educationDate of creation:01/01/1995

Ies Miquel Bosch I Jover is classified within the list of economic activities CNAE 2009 as:8552: Cultural education855: Other education85: EducationMore information about Ies Miquel Bosch I Jover

Ies miquel bosch i jover

Carrer de Miquel Bosch i Jover is geolocated within the territory of Centelles. It is an important part of the province of Barcelona. In this zone of the municipality, the most eguro is to find places of great interest. At this particular point of the municipality there are interesting paths and trails. How to get to Carrer de Miquel Bosch i Jover If what we want is to get to this area is essential to put the street of departure and destination. (Click on the «How to get there» button on the map.)Where is Carrer de Miquel Bosch i Jover? Based on our information and data, we will try to show which are the streets that exist nearby. For example Carrer De Sant Antoni Maria Claret and Carrer De Sant Joan, logically, it is geographically owned by Centelles. If you go, you should pay a visit to Carrer De Sant Josep, it will probably be nice to see. Places close to Carrer de Miquel Bosch i Jover

Nearby municipalities are: Roda De Ter (8510), Llinars Del Valles (8450), Vallromanes (8188), Sant Hipolit De Voltrega (8512), Balsareny (8660), Sant Esteve Sesrovires (8635), Berga (8600), Sentmenat (8181).

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