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Jumping on the trampoline Jump’In SpainOUTDOOR GAMEEDUCATIVE GAMEOKlaraPublished: 16 August, 20162 CommentsAll my kids have always been passionate about jumping, being big fans of «jumping in bed» so this summer we were looking to put a mat in the garden, as we thought it would give us much play with the four and even with us who also love to jump, all be said!!! We were looking at several options and asking people who already had one to know the most important aspects when buying one and they all agreed that it should be of a good brand to have enough quality to spend long periods of time outdoors and that it should have a zipper on the door for more security. After a lot of searching we were lucky enough to find Jump’in Spain.

One of the things that was a must for me was to have a zipper on the door instead of overlapping net fabrics. This one in addition to the zipper has a system of hooks on the inside for more security.

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If you decide to cheer up and start jumping, jumping, jumping you must be careful with the impact that is generated at home jumping, as the expert of Home Wellness Madrid explains to us. «By landing on an elastic surface, the bed returns a lot of energy to the joints in each jump, and can be aggressive if you do not have a certain level of fitness and joint control.» Therefore, people with knee and ankle injuries, women with poor pelvic floor tone or control, people with vertigo problems or those who are not initiated in this exercise should avoid jumping on trampolines. Another alternative: group classes.

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un elefante se balanceaba

Nuestro animal para el capítulo dos es el mono, con énfasis en los verbos comer y saltar. Este año he estado experimentando con más técnicas de narración TPRS. He utilizado 5 monitos saltando en la cama antes, pero este año quería asegurarme de que los alumnos no sólo aprendieran que el mono es mono, sino que también aprendieran algunas frases de alta frecuencia.

Después de ver este vídeo, les mostré otro vídeo, esta vez con monos de verdad. Con este vídeo apago el sonido y juntos describimos lo que vemos. Hay un mono. Hay dos monos. El mono come. El mono salta. Un alumno me dijo: «Estoy triste» cuando el mono roba y se come un huevo de pájaro. En general, los alumnos reaccionan con emoción al ver los animales reales. He utilizado vídeos similares al hablar de otros animales.    (Una cosa que haré mejor la próxima vez es asegurarme de que los alumnos saben que estos monos viven en Costa Rica. Podemos buscarlo en el mapa y preguntar si hay monos en Kentucky para hacer una comparación rápida).

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