Happy new year in french

Happy new year in french

Feliz cumpleaños en francés

Organizado por la Unión Internacional de Matemáticas, el IDM incluye una mezcla de celebraciones virtuales y presenciales en 2021, en todos los continentes: desde Madagascar a Gambia, desde Panamá a Chile, desde Albania a Malasia, desde Bangladesh a Australia, gente de todo el mundo (en…Leer más

El 10 de junio de 2020 se lanzará nuestra última exposición I AM A. I. en formato digital. Concebida originalmente como una exposición itinerante, debido a la situación de pandemia, hemos desarrollado nuevos formatos para llevar I AM A. I. a todos los hogares del mundo. Disponible en www.i-am.ai.Leer más

El 14 de marzo de 2020 tendrá lugar el primer Día Internacional de las Matemáticas, que celebrará la belleza y la importancia de las matemáticas en nuestra vida cotidiana. Este evento recurrente, proclamado por la UNESCO y coorganizado con la…Leer más

Para celebrar la belleza y la importancia de las matemáticas y su papel esencial en la vida de todos, la Unión Matemática Internacional (IMU) ha liderado el proyecto para que la UNESCO proclame el 14 de marzo como el Día Internacional de las Matemáticas (DIM). Hoy, el 26 de noviembre de 2019, la 40ª Conferencia General de la UNESCO aprobó la Proclamación del 14 de marzo (Día de Pi) como Día Internacional de las Matemáticas.Leer más

Happy new year in italian

In Provence, the nativity scene is a great tradition. The santons are the characters found in the nativity scene. Made of clay and painted in bright colors, santons are a Provençal artisan tradition. In addition to the Nativity, Provençal nativity scenes also depict scenes of daily life in Provence and the traditional professions of the region are included in the form of santons.

All nations have official emblems. In the case of France, everyone recognizes perfectly the French flag as a rectangle with three vertical stripes whose colors are blue, white and red.


So was the trip, almost permanently turning, going up and down, we crossed the Maritime Alps to find ourselves on a sunny day with the Mediterranean landscape, with its beauty and our admiration.

We could not avoid shouting for joy when we crossed the border from Italy to France, and once we entered this country, Menton was the first city we passed, and then we met one of the highlights of our French stay, Monaco and Monte Carlo.

Finally we arrived in Nice, where due to a mistake in the descent of the freeway, we got off the highway. This time with greater difficulty, since the French language was more difficult for us than Italian to understand the indications that people tried to give us.

But we made it, after an hour of driving around, we arrived at our accommodation in the Apart Adagio, located 1 block from the Mediterranean and near the center of Nice. There we opted for two apartments for four people each, and it lived up to our simple expectations.

Happy new year in french 2022

«I remember that when there are nationals who are kidnapped abroad, it is the military who go to their rescue, at the risk of their lives,» he said. «There are soldiers who have died in operations to rescue hostages who were kidnapped abroad», he concluded.

During this period, the Malian authorities did not comment on her entry into the country, which has recently come to light, although on Friday they issued an order to the Gendarmerie to arrest the woman and «transfer her under escort» to the headquarters of the National Gendarmerie in Bamako.

Family sources quoted by RFI have stressed that Petronin has not been in Sikasso nor has she moved away from Bamako, while adding that she has no intention of returning to Gao, the city where she was abducted in 2016, without giving further details on her whereabouts.

The JNIM then issued a statement in which it claimed that it released Petronin and Cissé in exchange for «more than 200 Muslims», without mentioning in the document -*-which served as confirmation that Cissé was in its hands, after months without claim of authorship of the kidnapping– the two Italian nationals.

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