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Alba School: A cutting-edge educational project, Comprehensive Education and Personalized Attention for each student, Values as the pillars of a good coexistence, Commitment to pedagogical and technological innovation, A team of professionals committed and in continuous training, High Level of Languages.

Pedagogical innovation, excellent academic results. Arturo Soria is an educational reference for the high academic and human level achieved by our students, Arturo Soria is a different school, a parents’ cooperative where the participation of families is a reality and the students are the protagonists.

Located in the heart of Madrid, one of its main objectives is to provide its students with a cultural background that allows them easy access to the University, while making their time at school as pleasant as possible. Experienced teaching staff and a strong emphasis on languages.

At Elian’s British School our objective is excellence in English for all our students. This goal goes hand in hand with our desire to foster their self-confidence, their individual talents and their ability to cooperate in an international environment.

La salle gracia

La duración del préstamo. El contrato establece la fecha de los primeros y últimos pagos. Cuanto más largo sea el periodo, menores serán los pagos, pero mayores serán los intereses. Por tanto, al final pagas más. La cuota mensual no debe superar el 35% de tus ingresos netos.

Agente inmobiliario. Es un profesional cualificado que actúa como intermediario entre las dos partes interesadas para facilitar la firma de un contrato inmobiliario, que puede ser de alquiler, de venta o de otro tipo. Suelen cobrar un porcentaje del precio de venta como compensación o comisión.

Tasa Anual Equivalente. Coste anual efectivo de la hipoteca en términos de intereses, comisiones y plazo de amortización. Para comparar préstamos, no basta con mirar la TAE más baja, sino que hay que comparar las condiciones, el plazo de amortización y la distribución de las cuotas.

El valor de la vivienda certificado por una empresa de tasación especializada, de acuerdo con la ley del mercado hipotecario. Este certificado no sólo indica el valor real del inmueble, sino que sirve de referencia para obtener la financiación necesaria.

Casal escola pia sant antoni

«With the 1-O there has been no conflict among students,» says Maza. He admits that he has recommended not to bring symbols to school such as flags, yellow ribbons or t-shirts with proclamations. And that he reminded teachers of the diversity of the students to explain the conflict with caution. «Students take it as emotionally as they would in sports. What makes you a Barça or Madrid fan? You are, and you feel that way, quite simply. That’s why students after a heated discussion about the match are able to play together.» To underline his words, he explains that last Monday, only a few students went on strike.

Last Monday, the school set up a table in the lobby so that neighbors could write their thoughts on colored paper. Afterwards, to preserve privacy, they were to leave the papers in ballot boxes. «The ballot boxes are the ones we normally use for the school’s internal elections and we also used one of the ones manufactured for 1-O, simply because we had it,» Maza explains. For the inclusion of the box he received criticism. «No matter what one does or doesn’t do, in this conflict no one is happy,» he says with resignation.

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