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We compile in this article the dates of the world friendship calendar, so that you can celebrate with your friends those international days that carry friendship and its values as a flag. ACCESS THE FULL ARTICLE

Friend’s DayJuly 20, 2021July 20 is celebrated in Argentina and other Spanish-speaking countries as Friend’s Day, a date that seeks to pay tribute to the virtue of sincere friendship.International Friendship DayJuly 30, 2021Every July 30 is celebrated the International Day of Friendship, do you know why and since when this day is celebrated in honor of friendship? We tell you about it.World Kindness DayNovember 13, 2021World Kindness Day is celebrated on November 13 to highlight the good deeds in our environment as a fundamental part of the human condition.Read more

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The answer lies in the various modifications that have been made to the calendars since Roman times. In fact, we could say that February is a relatively young month, along with January.

As historians have recorded, in the 8th century B.C., the first Romans used the Romulus calendar, a measurement system that only included 10 months, of which only four had 31 days, totaling 304.

The missing days in the calendar corresponded to the most arduous months of winter, something that prevented farmers from working and, for that reason, had led to this period being left out of the calendar. For them, the almanac only served as a guide to work in the fields, so if it was not possible to harvest, it was a time that was not worth recording.

Gregory XIII, as reported in the newspaper ABC, wanted the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere to be on March 21 instead of the 11th, as had begun to happen in the sixteenth century, so he decided to create a new calendar and nip the problem in the bud: he decreed that the day after October 4, 1582, would be October 15.

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This has meant that, on many occasions, workers have false expectations in relation to the amount that will correspond to them in such eventuality and feel disappointed or mistreated even by the lawyers who represent them.

This has often led workers to have false expectations in relation to the amount they will be entitled to in such eventuality and to feel disappointed or mistreated even by the lawyers representing them.

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It is important here to differentiate these calendar days from working days, which I am sure you have also heard on some occasion. As stated in the Workers’ Statute, the vacation period is established in each collective bargaining agreement or application agreement. Today, many of these agreements establish the vacation period in working days and not calendar days. The difference? To summarize, the difference is that calendar days include Saturdays and Sundays, while working days are all those days that are not holidays and which, if it were not for that vacation day, would have to be worked.

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