Black and white cat

Black and white cat

Black and white cat online

black cat

There is no greater joy than a new kitten. Cats are a big part of the joy and mood we experience every day, so you’ll need to find the most beautiful name for the newest member of the family.

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black and white cat spiritual significance

In ancient Egypt, all cats were believed to protect homes from evil spirits, but black cats in particular were considered sacred, bringing protection for the home, joy, harmony and happiness. Moreover, killing a black cat was a capital crime punishable by death.

In Scotland, bringing a black cat into your home means prosperity and good luck. Some claim that petting a black cat before playing games of chance brings good luck, just as in some parts of the UK they are believed to ensure the safe return of family members who travel a lot.

tuxedo cat

From the XIX century onwards, the best cats were selected to be reproduced and thus improve the breed. Shortly thereafter they were taken to cat shows and meetings to establish what would become the breed standard. After a few decades, in 1892 Harrison Weir (1824-1906) produced a study explaining the characteristics of the British cat.

During that time these cats were loved by all, but unfortunately the two world wars were about to lead them to extinction. Thus, it was urgent to recover it, so Persian cats were introduced into the selective breeding program. As expected, the British cat inherited the long-haired gene, although it was also given a more rounded body and a more intense eye color.

The British bicolor cat is an animal that has two well-defined colors, either white/black, white/orange, white/cream or white/blue. Both shades are evenly distributed. To be truly of this breed, less than half of the body should be white, and two-thirds of the body should be of one color.

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