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Tefal Aroma – Cast aluminum wok, 28 cm, non-stick titanium coating and thermosport, suitable for all types of stoves, thick base suitable for induction, pouring spouts and support handles.

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Woks are already an essential element in the kitchen because they allow you to cook delicious and healthy recipes in a simple way. Therefore, we bring you a selection of the best woks on the market to introduce you to this culinary technique.

We start with a brand that needs no introduction. Tefal brings us a wok model that is characterized above all by its 8 centimeters deep, which allows its use both in frying pan mode and in casserole mode for broths. It is made of 4.5 millimeters thick aluminum, with a 7-layer non-stick treatment with titanium coating and a heat-diffusing bottom that also has a Thermospot that changes color when it reaches 180 degrees.

The Dexan brand offers us a wok model that is very easy to use and undoubtedly practical, since it has an auxiliary handle to lift the pan once it is full without the risk of it tipping over due to the weight. It is a wok made of stainless steel 2 millimeters thick, with a flat bottom for use on any type of stove. Both the handle and the handle itself are made of polished wood, perfect to avoid heat and very pleasant to the touch.

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The wok is a kitchen utensil originally from China. The wok is like a deeper and concave frying pan, light and manageable, to favor the technique of cooking in the wok that is a quick stir frying (stir frying in English), where food should always be al dente but never burned, even and cook at high temperatures, thanks to the speed of cooking, the movement or continuous shaking and natural steam generated by the shape of the wok.

It is very important, in order to execute the steps of the wok cooking technique quickly and avoid burning the food, to make a good previous preparation or «mise en place» of the basic ingredients for wok cooking that we will use, leaving them cut and prepared in separate containers, bowls and cooking bowls before starting to cook in the wok.

All these steps from 1 to 6 follow one after the other, without pause, and it is essential to stir the ingredients continuously with a silicone spatula or directly shaking the wok (from the inside out), so that the food is always moving. This will prevent them from burning and will cook them taking advantage of the steam generated by the shape of the wok, achieving an al dente cooking (the one in which the food offers some resistance in the mouth when chewing).

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Although Savoyards do not like it, fondue, a dish that we owe to our comrades, can be prepared only with a candle under the cauldron, the cheese does not freeze in the cold, making the Sets Wok Fondue ideal for tasting on the terrace.

The ring has markings to place the forks. These coquelons can be used with any kind of Sets Wok Fondue, as well as oil, broth, chocolate or cheese. The temperature is controlled by a switch with eight different settings.

For cooking with oil, it takes ten to fifteen minutes to reach 375 degrees. The container is 3-quart, and has a non-stick coating for easy cleaning. After removing the heat probe and cord, the rest of the elements can be washed in the dishwasher.

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