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Outfits with which the oval silhouette shines.

Actress Paula Echevarría is spending the coronavirus confinement at home with her daughter Daniella Bustamante and her boy, Miguel Torres. And, to resist the quarantine what they do most is to watch series.

In response to this, Daniella asked her mother’s followers to lend her a hand and tell her that she could continue watching it. The actress replied: «She thinks she’s cool for watching it». It was then when the young woman threw a dart at her mother, who took out the colors for ‘indiscreet’: «Mom, do not say that to three million people! Paula could do nothing but laugh in front of the camera at her daughter’s witticisms.

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With Stradivarius jeans, Primark sweater, Angel Schlesser coat, Gucci belt, Fetiche Suances beret, Miu Miu bag, Louis Vuitton scarf and Más 34 animal print ballerinas with red details.

For those busy days when you are looking for comfort and warmth but without losing style, Paula proposes a look with Alejandra Montaner jeans and Stradivarius sweater in gray and pink combined with warm UGG boots.

This look has not been uploaded to her personal blog Tras la Pista de Paula but she has wowed us on her instragram with a red suit jacket and a basic cotton Levis. Of course, a chic touch with the desired Gucci belt.

And despite the low temperatures, Paula Echevarría does not resist the colorful looks and put on this fur coat in pink pal color from Fetiche Suances and sweatshirt from the collection «Smart Girl» by María Escoté.

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I love Pau Eche: she is one of the celebrities with the most followers on Instagram. Paula Echevarría, besides being a fantastic actress, is a full-fledged influencer with almost 2 and a half million followers on the social network of photos with filters and stories. I wish I had that many followers.

Are they fashionable? If only. At a time when Rosalía is bringing back into fashion that sporty garment with which Chenoa announced her breakup with Bisbal, Paula Echevarría wanted to join the bandwagon. Of course, in this case no breakups, her relationship with Miguel is going better than ever.

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Paula Echevarría continues to be one of the actresses with more projects on the table. Within the difficult and competitive world of acting, that offers rain down on you seems a luxury available to few, and the truth is that she, for the moment, work is not lacking.

In fact, and to everyone’s delight, she has returned to rebuild her life. Paula seems to have found love again with footballer Miguel Torres. But we sense that something is going wrong in the way Paula is trying to manage this new stage of her life.

Since that stress (she should have known that in any case it would be momentary, that the media storm would pass and everything would calm down with time), Paula Echevarría decided to put some distance.

The coin fell on Paula Echevarría’s head the moment her marriage broke up, as she found a new illusion with her partner Miguel Torres and focused on new professional projects that give her life.

After their separation, she decided to make her private life completely private. Understandable and respectable. We imagine that thinking above all about her daughter and out of respect for her ex-partner, Paula prefers to live the beautiful moments that she will undoubtedly be living with Miguel Torres, in total privacy. But the truth is that since then her image has cooled somewhat. That’s what happens when you have previously made so much use of these tools to share with everyone your happy family life.

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