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Today they are the new faces of commercial brands, who explain the products, show their followers how they use them and are a factor that leads to a very direct interaction between the consumer, the brand and the influencer.

In 2013, the company Skechers Chile was sentenced to pay a fine of 150 UTM (about US$ 10,000) for promoting its «Shape Up» model of sneakers, whose advertising indicated to the consumer that the use of the product allowed to lose weight, tone muscles or improve health.

On the one hand, we find the resolution of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the regulatory body for advertising in the United Kingdom, which has determined that advertising on social networks of beauty and cosmetic products to which filters have been applied exaggerates the effect and distorts them, so it has banned the application of these techniques in photos, stories, or videos on Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat.

Red velvet oil serum

This TikToker, who already has around one million followers on this social network, has tips for all skin types. Although her content is done in a more serious tone, the analysis she does on certain makeup is very cool and she has tips, not only on lipsticks, blushes and shadows, but also on many of the related topics.

This girl is simply awesome. Not only because she has a privileged technique, but also because her way of using colors leaves us with our mouths open every time we see her. We highly recommend you to enter her channel to follow her tips and admire her work.

You are reading us right. Maybe it might seem weird to you that a man would give makeup tips, right? Well, let us tell you a bit of context: Manny calls himself an individual with «daddy’s body, but mommy’s face». If that wasn’t enough, Manny was Maybelline’s first male ambassador, founder of Lunar Beauty, and has 4.1 million followers on Instagram. What makes Manny’s work great are his amazing tips, as well as his sense of humor and how human his account is – we’d love to have coffee or mimosas at Sunday brunch with him!

Clean beauty influencers

Below, we have selected several makeup products perfect for correcting facial imperfections and, at the same time, giving that natural and summery touch to our skin. The selected items have convenient and affordable prices so you can enjoy quality cosmetics without spending a large sum of money.

Considering that during the summer and on hot days we tend to sweat more, we recommend using a fixing spray to keep your makeup intact. The one from find has a non-sticky texture and a flawless finish to keep you looking spectacular for hours. In addition, its formula is suitable for vegans and is free of dyes and silicones.

In other of our publications we recommend several products of the brand ghd with incredible discounts. On this occasion we have selected the ghd max professional hair straightener that has advanced ceramic technology to achieve a professional result after each use. Its plates are smooth and contoured to achieve a faster and frizz-free hairstyle.

Dazzling cosmetics

I tried the Celebrate body cream at the Lush store in Santander on my last visit to the Cupcake mask workshop (I told you about it in this post) and I really liked the way it smells and moisturizes, now for the winter it’s nice to use it after the shower.

Rose scented toothpaste, I had been wanting to try them for a long time, and although they were not on sale I took them, they are not very expensive either. I used to get a lot of lather with 1 tablet, so now I use half of them and I like them, they leave a soft rose flavor and clean very well.

Jungle solid conditioner – I like the way it smells, very fresh and herbal, but I don’t find it very comfortable to apply it, you have to rub the hair a lot…so I won’t repeat, I prefer the masks in cream format, faster and more comfortable to use.    I’ve seen a video on Youtube how to turn it into a creamy conditioner, I’m going to do it because if I don’t I won’t use it.

Snow Fairy massage stick, it was on sale and I decided to try it. It is very moisturizing and melts very fast on the hands, and it has glitter that gives a little sparkle to the skin. The smell is so soft and not too sweet, although it has notes of the gel, but it is not the same. For my legs and hands it’s great because it moisturizes a lot and the scent is not strong at all, I like it).

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