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Communication was always present and from a very early age I recognized my attraction to the media. Modeling was a stage that I lived parallel to my journalistic training and that I enjoyed very much knowing that it was not my vocation. My entry into the media was not through modeling, but undoubtedly the care of my image that my work as a model required of me helped me when I worked in television.

I don’t think it’s like that because there are many people who work very seriously and professionally. Obviously there are people who under the label of «model» are dedicated to something else but that is not something of now, I think it always happened and you have to know how to differentiate one thing from the other.

I don’t remember a specific one, but speaking of humorous moments, sometimes you have to contain your laughter because of an inside joke between control and study. In those moments you have to bite your tongue and think of something else so as not to generate a television embarrassment.

I follow some national newscasts but I usually get my information from the newspapers. I like to watch movies and get hooked on that. I also love to read and go for walks. I try to make the most of the amazing place I live in.

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The actress was especially satisfied with the final result: «And now I tell you my look that once again I entrusted to my friend Ali and her DOLORES PROMESAS . And once again she managed to capture perfectly what I wanted…» she wrote about it.

It is clear that she liked it very much and felt very comfortable with it and she described it herself to perfection: «A dress cut below the knee, with a sweetheart neckline and only one sleeve with a lot of volume, pink and printed with blue and green flowers».

Another of the details that the actress reveals in her blog is that the jewelry she wore were from Tous, among which stood out teardrop-shaped earrings in blue tone and two rings of stones in the same color.

Thanks to her blog, we were also able to know a styling secret of the actress and that is that the Lodi sandals she wore, she has them in various colors because they are very comfortable: «The sandals, you know, my favorite for all major events and this day was not going to be less. You have already seen them in gold at the Forqué awards, in red at the Goya gala and I do not know how many more times … But when you find a shoe with a great heel, that feels great, that looks good with everything and you know that with it you are able to endure hours and hours without suffering, why change? This time in suede in a nude tone so that it doesn’t stand out too much. They are from LODI,» she revealed.

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Cada temporada, cada diseño y cada nuevo tejido que forma parte de una colección es un reto que debemos presentar al mundo de la moda y Premiere Vision París siempre ha sido un escaparate perfecto.    Así que, maleta en mano nos vamos a la Cite de l’Amour del 16 al 18 de septiembre para seguir trabajando.

Esta vez, con algo nuevo que celebrar, ya que se trata de la 30ª edición desde que acudimos por primera vez a esta feria de moda de París en febrero de 2000.    14 años de recuerdos y expectativas que, como el buen vino, nos han ayudado a mejorar con el tiempo.

Además, este año, el stand de Gratacós está situado en una de las mejores zonas de Premiere Vision, la entrada del pabellón 5.    Una ubicación por la que pasan todos los visitantes, lo que nos da la ventaja de que no tienen que buscar por toda la feria para encontrarnos.

Allí estaremos con nuestras mejores galas y nuestro equipo de expertos atenderá las necesidades e inquietudes de todos aquellos visitantes que se acerquen a ver nuestros tejidos.    Porque Premiere Vision París es una feria clave que marca el inicio de la temporada y vamos a aprovecharla.

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Read full articleMarta Requejo | Woman.esFebruary 26, 2018, 5:03 PMPaula Echevarria and the perfect Parisian look for springYou’ll want to copy it now! Spring is just around the corner, the warmth is coming and we want to leave the warm looks behind to give way to others more in line with this season.Paula Echevarria has already taken this step, and has sheathed in a Parisian style that you will want to copy in the coming months. We warn you: you will not be able to resist, it is an affordable set and most of the garments are from ‘low cost’ stores.It is a ‘look’ in which the ‘trench’ is the protagonist piece, a garment that was already announced as a trend of this 2018 and that gives a special touch to any ‘outfit’. And this, the actress applies it to rajatabla because it is not the first time she resorts to this type of garment in her most spring outfits.So, to combine this ‘trench’ from Stradivarius, Paula has chosen a ‘total look’ black composed of waxed pants from Mango, a basic sweater from Cool the Sack and some original Bimba and Lola pumps with silver studs.Today on the blog…. ]]>

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