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Within those same four walls Colita managed in 1971 to show his work in an exhibition under the title La Gauche qui rit (the left that laughs), although only for a short time. Because that ironic title made the exhibition a compilation of art that was too subversive in the eyes of the Franco regime.

La gauche qui rit consisted of 70 portraits that had no viewers until today, the day the exhibition sees the light again by the hand of the UPF Barcelona School of Management (BSM), which recovers part of the censored photographs.

Colita is one of the most emblematic photographers of those and these times. She has published more than thirty books and hosted nearly fifty exhibitions. In addition, the Catalan photographer has been awarded the National Photography Prize, the Creu de Sant Jordi and the Medalla d’Or de la Ciutat de Barcelona, among others, for her career. Colita also holds an honorary doctorate from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

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With more than 10,000 square meters of facilities where you can walk, play with other pets and have a great time. Completely new facilities, adapted for all types of pets. A 2,000 square meter grass runway.

Our veterinary team performs daily check-ups to keep pets strong and healthy. The revisions are performed in a fully equipped veterinary office. 24-hour veterinary service.

The price per night of the kennel is 14 €. We offer home pick-up and delivery service for 20 € per service, up to a maximum radius of 20 km. For long stays, there is a special price.

Throughout the day, the pets go out 3 times in the run to stretch their paws and enjoy the fresh air. Games are organized between the pets in the training run and in the evenings there are walks in the area.

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Kennel in ValenciaIf you are looking for a kennel in Valencia, you may have heard about the magnificent facilities that Colita offers in the Sierra Calderona Polígono 14 – Parcela 243, 46119 Náquera, Valencia (Coordinates: 39.608678, -0.388473). (Coordinates: 39.608678, -0.388473) It has a very economical prices and offers services so that your pet does not lack anything and above all, does not miss you.on its website you can find all the information about the prices of dog training courses in Valencia: https://www.colita. es/residenciaWe contacted them and in exclusive statements to Tu Medio Digital, they told us that from September they will have a dog grooming service and veterinary clinic next to their current facilities located in Calle del Cierzo 3, Los Vientos, Náquera (Valencia). That is, our pets will have all the care they need in practically the same location.

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Colita explains at the bar of Il Giardinetto that he began to photograph seriously when, with the help of his friend Paco Revés, he discovered the gypsies of Barcelona. It was in the early sixties. She had a second-hand Pentax with a 50 millimeter lens. The first photograph she sold was of the dancer Carmen Amaya to Carmen Amaya herself. They became friends. Colita photographed the stars of the film Los Tarantos (1962) and fell in love with flamenco. She remembers that Amaya was «a beautiful animal, a panther (…) who lived in a beautifully wild way».

When Colita reflects, and she does so in depth, she shoots at will with forceful ideas that seem like headlines: «Politics is fucking shit», «young people confuse pornography with love», «there are ludopaths everywhere», «the world is going down the drain», «I prefer animals to people» and «I’d better shut up because I’m prettier».

She has tried to adapt to digital photography but does not like it. She considers that authentic photography «is the same as always», that there is no color between a perfect digital copy and one on baryta paper. The digital will be perfect and that is part of the problem because she likes imperfections.

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