Por el olvido paula bonet

Por el olvido paula bonet

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She comments that what from the outside may seem radical, she feels as a «normal, inevitable and coherent» fact. That the door that many of those readers of The End see closing, for her, is pure enlightenment. «When I published What to do when The End appears on the screen and I saw everything that began to be generated around my work, I realized that what we usually identify with «being successful», produced great anxiety in me. I didn’t understand the importance that was being given to drawings that basically sought immediacy, and how those drawings were trampling and destroying all my previous work. I know that, if I hadn’t been alert, those drawings would have responded more to other people’s interests than to my own,» he says frankly.

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«La nena que volia dibuixar» es un espléndido retrato de la vida cotidiana durante los primeros años del régimen franquista: desde las manías, aficiones y rutinas de cada miembro de la familia, la educación de las niñas, por encima de la grisura de la escuela, la religión siempre presente y las aburridas relaciones sociales, hasta los momentos de libertad que daban los juegos, las vacaciones especiales o las excursiones con los amigos. Roser Capdevila, con sus extraordinarios dibujos y textos, hace de sus recuerdos personales memorias universales. Acercan a los lectores con una mirada tierna y detallista, no exenta de crítica, a una sociedad desnuda y estrecha que se moderniza lentamente con la llegada de nuevos electrodomésticos y nuevas costumbres. Nacida cuando la Guerra Civil española estaba a punto de terminar, Roser Capdevila ha mantenido frescos en su memoria los detalles significativos, el matiz preciso, las anécdotas reveladoras que explican cómo era el país y las personas.

Roser Capdevila (Barcelona, 23 de enero de 1939). Desde 1980 se ha dedicado a escribir e ilustrar cuentos para diferentes editoriales europeas; hasta completar una bibliografía con más de 300 títulos, que la convierten en la autora catalana más traducida. Es la creadora de las series de animación Les Tres Bessones, Sans Barbe, Les Belles Histoires, La Bruixa Avorrida, Les Tres Bessones Bebés y La gallina Koki.

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A surprising, daring book of the highest literary quality. This is a book about the body. About a body that loves and is loved. A body that is also abused, violated through sex and childbirth, abortion and blood, filth. Non-artistic materials in the hands of a painter who writes, of a writer who looks.The eel deals with memory and inheritance, talks about birth and loss, about desire that crosses generations, about learned and truncated gestures. It is the portrait of a woman who assumes the risks of looking back without veils and heads towards a new life.

Thirst is an earthquake, a disturbance, the origin of light, two voices facing the cycle of maturity, the beginning of the slow process of disintegration of being. With its tremors, its contradictions and the fall into the deepest emptiness, Thirst is the crumbling verse of a woman who returns to the space of her own freedom and faces the gravity of inadequate times, lives each shock and overcomes each new threat, Thirst is the reconstruction of a story: ours.

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It is easy to see Paula’s evolution in her works. From a more naive girl who tries to get rid of everything inside her, to an annoying Paula who succeeds, who takes off her mask and is not afraid to let go. With Sed I realized, for the first time, this change and now, with Roedores: cuerpo de gestante sin embrión this metamorphosis is confirmed. And the truth is that it feels good. I won’t deny that I love the Paula from the beginning, the one with the most colorful and wise illustrations in What to do when The End appears on the screen. But it’s also fair to say that witnessing this evolution in your work is liberating and cathartic.

Rodents: pregnant body without embryo It is, to this day, his most intimate and sincere work. The first of them, Cuerpo de embarazada sin embrión is a diary of two miscarriages. As sincere as it sounds. As difficult as it is. Paula tells her feelings when she finds out she is pregnant, her fears, her illusions and reality, always reality. It is a mind-blowing book that gives you goose bumps and puts your feet on the ground. Painful, yes. But you don’t know how much she cares about beauty.

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