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Monalisa inaugurated its store in the exclusive Paseo La Galería May 20, 2016 Monalisa inaugurated its store in Paseo La Galería, in the framework of a cordial toast in which Walter Allende, president of the shopping center, and Faisal Hammoud, president and CEO of the Monalisa Group, participated.

With more than 3,500 m² of premises, the brand inaugurates its presence in Asunción, with a wide offer similar to the traditional store in Ciudad del Este, with fragrances, cosmetics, casual fashion and high fashion sections.

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The brand has an imposing store with more than 3,500 m2, where it has a wide offer similar to the traditional point of sales in the east of the country. The sectors are distributed in fragrances, cosmetics, casual fashion and high fashion.

«We believe that it is the right time for the landing of our department store; taking into account the brilliant moment of growth that Asunción is going through both in the corporate, commercial and residential axis keeping up with the great capitals of the world,» he said.

The senior executive had indicated that the investment for the development of the huge store exceeded one million dollars. «The store has approximately 3,500 m2, with a capacity to accommodate more than a thousand people. At the same time, a comfortable, convenient and, above all, safe environment,» he said.

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The well-known and very current practice of taking a «selfie» reached another level when Hugo decided to go further and leave evidence of the passage of time in his life with this video that compiles all his photographs.

«The idea came to me when my father gave me a camera with a time-lapse function. Before I started, I had seen some other people who did something similar, but none had portrayed their adolescence, which is where the changes are most noticeable,» said Cornellier.

In order to compile the more than 3,100 photographs, the young man explains that he took his laptop everywhere he went. «I took my laptop everywhere. When I went on vacation with friends, a weekend outing with my girlfriend, or whatever.»

Hugo ended by saying that he believes he will be doing this throughout his life. «I’ve already incorporated this into my regular life and I enjoy it more and more. My final idea is to be able to have the images of my whole life recorded in a three-minute photo video. That is my great desire with this project.»

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The firm’s executives led a tour of the place that began with the exhibition of the painting of La Gioconda simulating the exhibition as in the Louvre Museum, where attendees could take pictures.

The proposal of the night for the fashion space was marked by a path with 10 models wearing looks for all ages from the wide variety of brands that are in Monalisa among which we can mention: Dudalina, Le Lis Blanc, Versace Collection, Just Cavelli, M Missoni, Lauren By Ralph Lauren, Nautica, among others.

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