Juan de dios davila

Juan de dios davila

neither sanchez nor the pp are complying with the law only vox is

If there is something that characterizes the current times in which we live, is that anyone who has a different idea to the one promoted by the global economic and digital elite, propagated by servile media, is an intolerant person.

That economic elite that controls the culture, does not want anyone to dare to think, they want us to simply swallow their ideas without daring to question them. They fear the free man, because they know that the word transforms the world by enlightening the reason and the will of the people around them.

This global economic elite, which controls the main digital and financial companies, the media with the largest circulation, the most important universities, the largest publishing houses, in short, the cultural and economic world, mercilessly dismiss anyone who dares to think and disagree with the «official» ideology. But they expel him trying to ruin his honor, his fame, his work, annihilating the person.

juan de dios dávila:if marlaska does nothing, he will be the one to do it.

The Royal order of 1778 on the construction of customs houses was due to the fact that the Council of the Indies was aware of an inadequate installation, since both customs houses of Merida and Campeche had buildings unsuitable for their commercial importance. They transferred this order to the commander of engineers D. Juan de Dios González to carry out a new project, but he could not do it because he did not have a suitable site.

Works of ~: Reconnaissance of the Province of the Yucatan and part of the Coast of Honduras, in which are shown the ridges, capes, inlets, etc., that should be fortified, and a list of the fortifications. That must be fortified, and exact relation of the citadel of San Benito de Merida, Campeche plaza, Fort of Bacalar and Presidio del Carmen, Merida (Mexico), 1766.

the communists only care about their own vision of reality.

Who is this character who is still protected in Europe for the sake of false freedoms to offend my nation? What freedom is that which Europe proclaims, a Europe of defenselessness as well as indefinite, from which its members are leaving; and more than they will?

The two remarkable notes of the insult of the fled traitor to the homeland where he was born are attributable to the one who trembles because he can be dismissed with fulmination from the presidency as soon as he loses the pro-independence and pro-terrorist support: Pedro Sanchez.

juan de dios dávila: «zapatero montó lo que ahora pedro

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