Gema llamazares la sexta

Gema llamazares la sexta

gema llamazares

The second of a family of six siblings, he spent his childhood and youth in Salinas, a town in the Asturian council of Castrillón. He studied medicine at the faculties of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Oviedo, where he completed his undergraduate studies.[4] The medical profession comes from family tradition, as his father was also a doctor.

Gaspar Llamazares has always stood out for being a very active politician in social demands. In this image from 2006, in a demonstration in support of the self-determination of Western Sahara in Madrid.

Finally, the Federal Political Council, convened on December 14, elected Cayo Lara as general coordinator of the coalition with 55.08 % of the votes, against the National II candidate Joan Josep Nuet. The other sector close to Gaspar Llamazares finally preferred not to present a candidate and to abstain.[11] The new coordinator, Cayo Lara, was the new coordinator of the coalition.

Thus, the new coordinator Cayo Lara remarked from the outset the commitment to distance IU from the PSOE, considering that it defends neoliberalism as well as the Popular Party, and to re-found the anti-capitalist left, to converge with other left-wing forces and take to the streets to present an alternative to the crisis.

gema llamazares – al rojo vivo – la sexta 2020

Al rojo vivo (ARV) is a laSexta program focused on the analysis and debate of national and international political news. The format is presented and directed by Antonio García Ferreras and produced by laSexta’s news services.

From its premiere, on January 10, 2011, until July 8, 2011, it was broadcast on laSexta 2 in prime time.[1] Later, the second season of the program, which started on September 5, 2011,[2] went on to be broadcast on laSexta.

arv – la sexta – first quarter 2021

We met working side by side. Well, actually it was by chance. Somewhat far from the sanhedrin of the Popular parliamentary group, although that distance was soon shortened in her case. She has never forgiven me for making her make a mistake in the first vote on I don’t know what issue. Since then, I have been burdened with this stigma with which she periodically torments me. Anecdotal tortures aside, there began for me a vital apprenticeship that has not ceased to grow and feed on the best nutrients of friendship. I love Asturias hand in hand with an exceptional tutor like Cherines. I also think that my sober land of Zamora has pinched her little heart.

In times of trouble, do not move, recommended Santa Teresa. And with Cherines, a sure value, one is not mistaken. He will always reap what he has sown and I predict that the harvest will be plentiful.

The 20-N is near and I want him to continue in politics, not only because he likes it but because he enjoys it every day, every moment, and that is something that few people could say about his work. Gaspar Llamazares is that guerrilla who was shot on March 9, 2008 but came out alive from the grave to continue the battle. He is my guerrilla, my friend and my father.

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Antonio García Ferreras has been relentless this Thursday, February 25 in ‘Al rojo vivo’ against the denialist speech of Victoria Abril. The actress has messed up in an act of the Feroz Awards in which the actress was going to collect her award for her entire career. However, that has gone to the background with the denialist speech made by the actress.

Words that have given much to talk about and quickly turned Victoria Abril into a Trending Topic. Therefore, Antonio García Ferreras has echoed her controversial speech at the end of ‘Al rojo vivo’ this Thursday on laSexta.

«I have to ask you about a statement. She is a piece of an actress, but of science quite disoriented by the looks of it,» Ferreras began by saying during his interview with Josep Corbella of La Vanguardia before playing the images of the actress.

«I had to give Graziella Almendral a lexatin,» he ironized about his health expert collaborator after returning from the video. «Are you hallucinating or not,» she then asked Corbella, to which he assured her that «everyone is free to express their opinion as they see fit and must be respected, we are a pluralistic society».

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