Eugenio ortizechagüe

Eugenio ortizechagüe

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Oriana tells that she felt betrayed and hurt, especially after discovering this continuous infidelity long after it started and being abandoned by Eugenio on a trip they both had planned, and moreover, to go with the scheming mistress. «I saw it at the time, in the stories of both of them, they slept in the same room and when I called him I spoke softly. That’s how pathetic. «5He took advantage of his time on ‘GH Vip’ to be unfaithful.

«He cheated on me the biggest. That person had a girl who was his mistress that he didn’t care about at all, he just wanted her to get wet. I wasn’t that important because he cheated on me from the beginning of the relationship». Oriana confesses after having clarified that Eugenio was after her for a long time.3Oriana and Eugenio

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Four words were enough – «There is some positive evolution»- to put a dangerous recidivist sex offender on the street. The more we know, the more justified is the demand for accountability of Luis Ortiz and Minister MarlaskaMore

A new coup d’état is brewing in #Bolivia , whose plan is in charge of Generals Ortiz and Orellana. An attempt is being made to establish a government of civilians and military. To that end, two airplanes arrived with weapons from the U.S., and snipers were deployed in El Alto and Chapare.

One year of photography

photo in two equal parts, to observe the identical proportion between the upper and lower area (which may well be two different images)…ABOVE AND BELOW THESE LINES: The same image. Above divided in four (perfectly cut) and below studied by triangles and rectangles; where its perfect composition is shown based on them….

…ABOVE AND BELOW: Again the same image of St. Thomas of Avila, in this case upcut, to check the perfect adjustment to a central rhombus. While in the lower one we already see two photos, perfectly separated and totally composed each one of them…

…ABOVE AND BELOW: Again, different studies of the same photograph. In the upper one we see that there are two up to three totally different scenes (as it happens in so many other photos of the author). Below, we can see this composition in different frames, cut with lines on the image.

NEXT AND BELOW THESE LINES: Two types of talismans against the Evil Eye: On the side, idol from the sanctuary of Tell Brak (north of Syria) and dated at the beginning of the IV millennium B.C.. Its use to avoid the Evil Eye was the same as that of the Utchat of Horus (in Egypt) and that of the Iberian Bronze Age occulates. Below, charms from a necklace found in La Aliseda (Cáceres) and dated around the 7th century BC. It presents several beads similar to those used by the Egyptians and Phoenicians (from ancient times), in the shape of a phallus and a lunar quarter with a «tongue», whose use was to avoid garlic. The necklaces and ornaments of the women of the lands near the Silver Route continued to have similar forms and the same use (against the Evil Eye).

Conoce los orígenes del mercado de abastos en la plaza

NAUTICAL DONATIONS es una organización benéfica 501(c)3 de Chicago que apoya a organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro relacionadas con la náutica en el área de Chicago a través de la venta de barcos y equipos donados. Nos dedicamos a apoyar a las organizaciones náuticas locales que proporcionan servicios de navegación y oportunidades educativas a los jóvenes y a los desfavorecidos desde 2003.

Donar a Nautical Donations es un proceso muy sencillo y todos los donantes pueden beneficiarse de recibir una deducción fiscal por sus contribuciones. A diferencia de otras organizaciones benéficas, los donantes de embarcaciones reciben una deducción superior, ya que rara vez vendemos nuestras embarcaciones en subasta.

Nautical Donations vende embarcaciones y equipos donados durante todo el año a valores maravillosos. Consulte nuestra sección de COMPRA para ver un inventario de nuestras embarcaciones y equipos disponibles para la venta.    También celebramos un mercadillo anual Yachtapalooza cada primavera.

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